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 one of the many things to do in Malawi is to take a visit to the beautiful Shores of Lake Malawi is not your typical air travel website, we are much, much more than that.  We want to be the number one site in terms of information on the South East African Country of Malawi, along with related South African travel information.  We are adding content almost daily so we are confident you will find useful and up to date information on the amazing Country of Malawi.   In addition to the amazing articles, we also include a variety of photo’s and videos which we know you will enjoy.  We hope that you will enjoy learning all about Malawi.

One of the advantages of the internet is the ability to be constantly and instantly updated with the latest news.  With that in mind if you are looking for the latest Malawi News, simply scroll down and you will see the top 10 news stories about Malawi.  Simply click on the title of the news story you are interested in and you will be taken to the article.  If you want more than the top 10 Malawi News Stories, You can Click Here, or find the link labeled “Malawi News” on the sidebar.  If you have a news item or press release about Malawi you would like us to publish, simple use our contact form to submit it to us for review.

In addition to the latest Malawi News, we also have put together a list of some fantastic Malawi Resources Here.  We will continue to add additional resources to that page if they become available.  If you are aware of a resource you would like to be listed please contact us.

We are very happy to see that tourism in Malawi is on the rise.  For years we have been telling others what a beautiful county Malawi is and how charming the people are.  We intend to focus many of our future articles on Malawi tourism, highlighting many of the popular things to see and do in Malawi.

Here is a little overview of why tourism is booming in Malawi, and why you should pal a visit there yourself soon.

Malawi is a warm land rich in Flora and fauna, also known as “The Warm Heart of Africa”.  Malawi is a land with lakes, rivers, beautiful landscapes combined with a unique culture which will fill your heart with immense pleasure.  if you are into photography, you can catch some incredible nature scenes along with animals and birds in their natural habitats.

why Chose malawi ?  Well, for a number of reasons!

Fresh natural water sources.  There are 3 souces of fresh water in Malawi and they include, Lake Malawi, the Shire River, and Zambezi river.  Lake Malawi is the 11th largest fresh water lake in the world and the hub of tourism in Malawi.  It is truly spectacular.  People who love the water should not miss the opportunity to visit Malawi.  You can participate in virtually all water activities including boating, sailing, diving, fishing, and swimming.

Culture.  The people of Malawi are primarily dependent on agriculture.  So it is common to find mostly natural products to eat and use.  Nuts, both whole and ground can be found in abundance.

Wildlife.  Malawi is full of Small Mammals, Large Mammals and birds.  You can find various species of Pangolins, Bats, Primates, Elephants, Hyraxes, Rhinos and many more, some of which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.  There are also over 650 species of birds & fish, along with more than 400 species of Flowers.

Landscapes.  Malawi offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.  From the Viphya Mountains to Lake Malawi’s beaches, to Nyika National park where you can view wild animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Climate.  The Malawi Climate does vary throughout the year.  During the period of December through March you will experience some precipitation.  In Spring, April & May, you will experience beautiful greenery all around.  Summer, June, July and August consist of cool nights and warm days.  Fall, September and October temperatures begin to cool as winter approaches.

Adoption In Malawi.  Our website is here for a reference and information depot. We do not take or present any political views (although we do reserve the right to report on news in Malawi, and other current happenings).  One of the subjects we do report about is Adoptions In Malawi.  We know it is a controversial topic, and there are heated views on both sides, we feel that since Malawi is often linked to adoptions (primarily due to the spotlight Madonna brought) we do need to mention it on our site.

How to get to Malawi Africa

The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked nation in south-east Africa. It is bordered by Tanzania to the northeast, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east, west and south.

The country has plenty of attractions. Liwonde National Park is a premier wildlife park and is located along the lovely banks of river Shire. It has wonderful bird life, large herds of elephants and pods of hippos which are a beauty to see. The Zomba plateau, Likoma Island and Mulanje Mountain are other scenery worth a tourist’s time. Malawi’s capital is Lilongwe, a small, quiet but organized city with a small population of just about 1 million.

How to get to Malawi

As we stated earlier, Malawi is a landlocked country so it’s not possible to get to the country via water. Nonetheless, the air and road networks are sufficiently developed to provide smooth entry into the former Nyasaland.


Intercontinental flights from the wiser Europe, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and South African Airways are some of the options to choose from. All these are world class airlines. You’ll however have to contend with aircraft change at respective national hubs i.e. Addis Ababa, Nairobi and Johannesburg respectively. International flights can either land in Lilongwe – the capital (5 to 7 times a week) or Blantyre – found in the southern region (2 to 3 times a week).

For regional flights, Air Malawi will greatly suffice. The airline has flights to most of Africa’s major capitals including Nairobi, Lusaka, Harare Johannesburg and Nairobi. Some of the connections are accomplished in conjunction with European airlines flying from their respective nations into these countries.

Malawi also has chartered air companies flying directly to the neighboring countries.

By road

Road routes connect Malawi to Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Borders typically close at 1800hrs and reopen at 0700hrs. Visitors coming by road are encouraged to obtain necessary documentation including passports in advance – visas are not issued at the border. It may also be necessary to obtain necessary vehicle documentation early on.

Tour operations while in Mozambique

The country works closely with most operators who offer tour services for the wider southern Africa. You’ll never miss a great ride. You can even ask for tailor-made services.

Tourists aged18 and above are allowed to import duty free; 1 liter of spirits; 200 cigarettes or an equivalent; a liter of wine; and a reasonable quantity of other consumable goods for the tourist’s needs while in the country.

Entry into Malawi; visas and passports

A valid passport is a mandatory requirement for entry into Malawi. Visas will be needed as well. However, tourists from most commonwealth countries, the European Union, Japan, the USA and other specified countries do not need visas to enter Malawi.

Now that we’ve shared those highlights with you, we would like to answer the question we are often often asked which  is, What some of the things to do in Malawi are ? Well, Here are Five Things You Must Do In Malawi.

Malawi is a South African country whose stunning Lake, bustling markets, and friendly people make it the perfect vacation destination. Malawi, known as the Warm heart of Africa’, and aptly named so, is a friendly and generous country. It is one of the best opportunities for clients to truly immerse themselves into the African way of life and warmth. Malawi’s people are its greatest asset – colorful, friendly, vibrant and welcoming. In addition are opportunities to spend time in real villages for a first-hand experience of the traditions, daily life and culture. In short, if you are planning of visiting the country, then consider adding these five activities in your ‘what to do in Malawi’ list. Read on!

1. Take a PADI underwater diving course in Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi occupies one fifth of the landlocked country’s total area, and the third largest lake in the continent. It is blessed with golden beaches, and incredibly colorful variety of fish, which all makes diving and snorkeling here extremely rewarding. Along the lake are numerous bays to choose from and accommodation runs from cottage rentals and simple campsites, to the more luxurious Club Makakola.

2. Visit the “Way of the Cross” and enjoy an experience of beauty and renewal

The “Way of the Cross” is a Pilgrimage Trail available throughout the year to Pilgrims, Tourists and anybody who wishes to experience an extraordinary vista of taking part in spiritually refreshing journey as well as natural scenery. The scenery itself is just stunning – with views over the whole of the Blantyre area, amidst the eucalyptus forest, which is clear near the top.

3. Bird-watching in the Lilongwe Wildlife Sanctuary

A short distance from the city center of Lilongwe is a largely undeveloped woodland which has been demarcated for wildlife as part of a rehabilitation center, an education center and a place where one can walk quietly in the hope of finding some wildlife. The place is filled with a pleasing array of birds, mammals and reptiles including bush-buck, mongoose, crocodile, vervet monkeys, duiker and an eagle.

4. Visit Mulanje Mountain

Mulanje Mountain is a huge granite massif found in southern Malawi. The mountain is undoubtedly the highlight of any trip to Malawi. Its peak Sapitwa reaches just over 3000 meters and it is very difficult and dangerous to climb as it involves walking across thin, high, expanses or rocks, but reaching the top before sunrise is just amazing.

5. Shop in Lilongwe

Malawians are mainly known for their excellent and artistry craftsmanship. They use the most basic materials and tools to impressively and wonderfully depict the beautiful and peaceful scenes of the everyday Malawian life. From pottery to woodcarvings, from fine jewelry to basketware – vendors sell almost everything at the Old Town Mall and Craft’s Market in Lilongwe. Visit these places, pick what pleases you, and bring it back home.

If you have enjoyed this article, please take a look at some of the other amazing articles we have put together for you.

Some articles we are working on now include:  Education & Schools in Malawi, the Children and young people of Malawi, Adoption in Malawi, fishing in Malawi, tourism in Malawi, and much, much more .  When they are complete we will post the links to the articles here.

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If you have a few minutes, you absolutely must watch the video below.  This video will give you an incredible overview of this unique country, and highlight many of diverse features of the country.  It really makes Malawi come alive, and there are some excellent images of the Country and animals.  The narration is magical.  If you don’t have time now, you must bookmark this page and come back and watch it at a later time, it really is that good.

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